Exhibition at RAW Streetphoto gallery - Jan/Feb. 2017

Hi there, long time no see uh?!

First of all, a small update on my radio silence on this blog / page. Photography was put a bit on hold mainly due to lack of internet at home and starting a new job. But things are finally getting up to speed and with that, more free time to sit in front of the computer. Writing is something I don't excel at, but I do intend to provide more written content on the blog. Despite being a visual medium, photography has a lot to be told about.

Now let's get to the juicy news :)

Yearly I participate in a contest called Urban photo race, in which I have made some good friends, so good that, for this years edition, while they were arranging a gallery to exhibit the winners, they passed on my contact to the owner. There is a particularity about this gallery, it's dedicated solely to Street Photography, which you don't see that often. Usually Street Photos only get to walls of a gallery a few years after their making and only when they are made by a renowned photographer. It's a document of a past daily life, so it only becomes relevant when there is a documentary factor to it. Shooting the contemporary daily life spikes the interest of a select few and this is why many photographers, like me, exhibit their work in bars, cafes or restaurants. So it is with joy that, for the first time, I found myself able to put my prints on the walls of a gallery.

The exhibition will happen in February 2017 at Raw Streetphoto gallery, in Rotterdam. In the meantime I hope to get Alexey Shifman, the gallery owner, on the blog, to tell you more about himself and his motivations to open such a weird kind of gallery.

Until then, happy shootings!