My name is Nuno Cruz, born in '87 and bred in a small city in Portugal. I studied computer science in Porto and it was during this time that my shutter bug was born.

My parents gave me a small Sony DSC T5 in 2006, and I would carry it with me all the time. From the most mundane situation to a special occasion, there I was clicking. This annoyed my friends at the beginning but, with time, everyone loved to review my photos and retell the stories behind them. This behavior woke up something in me.

Camera after camera, my gear got more serious and so did my commitment to photography. After experimenting with a lot of gadgets and methods, my attention fell towards street photography. I became driven by the discovery of new cultures, daily rituals and the unsuspected behaviors of people on the streets.

I now reside in Amsterdam and having made some small exhibitions allowed me to build a good momentum and led me to take photography more seriously. I now do freelance jobs on request, besides my main main job as a software engineer, and who knows where this will lead me to...