The internet of things

I am just back from the London Street Photography Symposium, that occurred over the last weekend, and it was fantastic event that provided the gathering of great names of the street photography, and also a lot of peers that share the interest and passion for this weird craft. Talking, drinking, shooting together and reviewing each others work, there was time for all of it.

It was a great opportunity to learn, but also to get criticism on my work, and luckily enough I found Charlie Kirk, aka Two cute dogs, on site. I had no idea he was going to be there, so I grabbed the opportunity, since I really like how harsh he is criticizing photos. After listening to him pointing a number of issues with my photos from You are not alone project, I realized that I am far to immature to be posting so much of my work online. The internet phenomenon has a negative impact on us, and it was greatly pointed out by Nick Turpin in his presentation, there's simply too much crap out there and I don't want to be a part of that.

Another great, but similar lesson, came from Take Matt Stuart's talk. He has been shooting for 20 years, and recently became a Magnum nominee, and in the end it was all about 50 images of his. I was astonished by the selection, every shot a killer in its own regard. POW! POW! POW! And not only that, but by the count too, 50 images, after 20 years, that's it, that's what Magnum asks of you.

So, all in all, it was a great retrospective to be dwarfed by these great contemporary shooters and to understand that I still have a lot of clicks to do, to come up with 50 flawless moments of life. 

Special thanks to Jason Reed the man behind this lovely weekend! 

Keep shooting, not posting!

Exhibition at RAW Streetphoto gallery - Jan/Feb. 2017

Hi there, long time no see uh?!

First of all, a small update on my radio silence on this blog / page. Photography was put a bit on hold mainly due to lack of internet at home and starting a new job. But things are finally getting up to speed and with that, more free time to sit in front of the computer. Writing is something I don't excel at, but I do intend to provide more written content on the blog. Despite being a visual medium, photography has a lot to be told about.

Now let's get to the juicy news :)

Yearly I participate in a contest called Urban photo race, in which I have made some good friends, so good that, for this years edition, while they were arranging a gallery to exhibit the winners, they passed on my contact to the owner. There is a particularity about this gallery, it's dedicated solely to Street Photography, which you don't see that often. Usually Street Photos only get to walls of a gallery a few years after their making and only when they are made by a renowned photographer. It's a document of a past daily life, so it only becomes relevant when there is a documentary factor to it. Shooting the contemporary daily life spikes the interest of a select few and this is why many photographers, like me, exhibit their work in bars, cafes or restaurants. So it is with joy that, for the first time, I found myself able to put my prints on the walls of a gallery.

The exhibition will happen in February 2017 at Raw Streetphoto gallery, in Rotterdam. In the meantime I hope to get Alexey Shifman, the gallery owner, on the blog, to tell you more about himself and his motivations to open such a weird kind of gallery.

Until then, happy shootings!

Welcome to the streets of Porto

When I was young, Porto was a luxury to me. I lived 25 km away, and with no means of transportation I would go to Porto very occasionally. Some family visits, once in 2000 for the Great Jubilee, once for a Pokemon playing card tournament, and another time for Magic the Gathering tournament. So few, I easily listed them all. But it all changed in 2005 when I began my academic career at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

Despite not living in the city, Porto became a home to me. I would spend so much time there, that I would barely see my family during the week, even though we lived under the same roof. I got to do so much in there, discovering the secrets of Porto, while developing friendships that will last for my entire life, and that left an inextinguishable flame in my heart. Porto became part of me, and I became part of it.

Shortly before I left Portugal, I started to seriously develop my photographic skills, like so, nowadays I feel the need to revisit places that mean a lot to me, and capture them to the best of my abilities. Porto, of course, is part of that list and, coupled with the feeling that I don't have enough satisfying photos of it, I am bound for life to go there over and over again. Perhaps one day I will call it home again.

So come, and have a look to the streets of Porto.

Destroyed Umbrellas is opening up (a bit)!

A while ago I announced a small project called Destroyed Umbrellas. An Instagram account where I would post snapshots of this daily autumn/winter scene, from Amsterdam, since it's where I live.

Strangely enough, some friends started to send me pictures of their local destroyed umbrellas sightings, up to a number that I decided to open the project up. So from now on you can send me your findings and if I like them enough, I will post them to the account feed. 

 The first submission is already up!

Streets of ...

Today my website gets a new section, Streets of.

It tackles what I have been doing in street photography roughly since 2013, when my interest for the genre flourished.

For this project, I have used quite a few different methods and cameras. From the starting point, when I had a Panasonic GF1, later swapping it for an Olympus OM-D E-M5. To my ventures in film, which started with an Olympus OM-1, followed by a Rollei 35 S, and ending up with the pair Contax T2 and Leica M6.

Such wide variety of cameras and formats have taught me a lot, such as shooting techniques, composition, speed, adaptation to the camera I have in my hands, etc. This resulted in a wild and exotic collection of photographs, exactly as shooting street should be. And even though not all formats are featured in the albums directly, they have all contributed for their content. 

So come and have a look, enjoy the Streets of the cities I have been to, and experience them through my eyes. 

Hello world!

When I see a good picture on the web, I immediately want to go outside and create something similar, or try a new approach that could lead me to such result. But even though taking a picture that stands out on its own is fun and rewarding, nowadays I want to go further in my photography.

I want to show the raw reality through a certain perspective, by creating a visual documentary about certain topics. Therefore it is only natural to open this website, in order to push my own boundaries and create more meaningful material.

And talking about meaning, there is a reason why this site is out today, which is the same reason for the project called MOTHER displayed on the homepage, one that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Precisely one year ago my mother passed away, something that changed me radically and left me in a limbo since then. But I have awaken, after being lost for such a long time. And even though my mother is not here to watch anymore, I want to make her proud everyday. 

So welcome everybody, to Nuno Cruz street, where there is never a wrong turn!