Destroyed umbrellas comes to an end

As fun as it was to capture, almost daily, the fatalism of destroyed umbrellas and come up with a funny text to accompany those, eventually it all become somewhat repetitive. I might have not seen it all, but I have seen a lot and, funny enough, I was sent a lot as well. I became the umbrella guy, and wherever my friends would see a destroyed umbrella, they would think of me, and sometimes take a shot and send it to me. Because of this I opened the project a bit and was featuring some of those shots too.

But now my focus needs to change back to street photography, I need to push myself more in this area, which was sort of put aside during 2016. I was away from the computer a lot this year, due to cut on my internet at home for 4 months and I sort of got used to that life style. I would still go out and shoot, but I would rarely sit at the computer to see/review/curate my work, and as usual my film from this year is still waiting to be developed in a box. I became used to stay more time away from the computer and quite liked it, but as we all know, desk time is also a part of the process and like so, I will slowly return to it as the upcoming winter settles in. Also the fact that destroyed umbrellas was exclusively done with a phone, prompted me no to take my cameras out so often, because to my view, my phone was my tool, and that's not a great tool for street photography, although sometimes I would use it to do so too, some shots can't just not be taken ^_^.

Back to the umbrellas, it all started last year, on October 23rd, and I actually wanted to write this last Sunday, but as you can imagine from what I said above, I was away from the computer and never got to do so. I won't kill the project, I am sure I will find situations that will be to funny or intriguing to let it alone (also winter is coming), but that being said I am bored by the general shots I can find and from what people send me, it's all too repetitive, so I want to change my focus back to street.

Thank you all for the support, shares, likes and contributions.
I hope you all enjoyed it!