Welcome to the streets of Porto

When I was young, Porto was a luxury to me. I lived 25 km away, and with no means of transportation I would go to Porto very occasionally. Some family visits, once in 2000 for the Great Jubilee, once for a Pokemon playing card tournament, and another time for Magic the Gathering tournament. So few, I easily listed them all. But it all changed in 2005 when I began my academic career at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

Despite not living in the city, Porto became a home to me. I would spend so much time there, that I would barely see my family during the week, even though we lived under the same roof. I got to do so much in there, discovering the secrets of Porto, while developing friendships that will last for my entire life, and that left an inextinguishable flame in my heart. Porto became part of me, and I became part of it.

Shortly before I left Portugal, I started to seriously develop my photographic skills, like so, nowadays I feel the need to revisit places that mean a lot to me, and capture them to the best of my abilities. Porto, of course, is part of that list and, coupled with the feeling that I don't have enough satisfying photos of it, I am bound for life to go there over and over again. Perhaps one day I will call it home again.

So come, and have a look to the streets of Porto.