Streets of ...

Today my website gets a new section, Streets of.

It tackles what I have been doing in street photography roughly since 2013, when my interest for the genre flourished.

For this project, I have used quite a few different methods and cameras. From the starting point, when I had a Panasonic GF1, later swapping it for an Olympus OM-D E-M5. To my ventures in film, which started with an Olympus OM-1, followed by a Rollei 35 S, and ending up with the pair Contax T2 and Leica M6.

Such wide variety of cameras and formats have taught me a lot, such as shooting techniques, composition, speed, adaptation to the camera I have in my hands, etc. This resulted in a wild and exotic collection of photographs, exactly as shooting street should be. And even though not all formats are featured in the albums directly, they have all contributed for their content. 

So come and have a look, enjoy the Streets of the cities I have been to, and experience them through my eyes.