Hello world!

When I see a good picture on the web, I immediately want to go outside and create something similar, or try a new approach that could lead me to such result. But even though taking a picture that stands out on its own is fun and rewarding, nowadays I want to go further in my photography.

I want to show the raw reality through a certain perspective, by creating a visual documentary about certain topics. Therefore it is only natural to open this website, in order to push my own boundaries and create more meaningful material.

And talking about meaning, there is a reason why this site is out today, which is the same reason for the project called MOTHER displayed on the homepage, one that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Precisely one year ago my mother passed away, something that changed me radically and left me in a limbo since then. But I have awaken, after being lost for such a long time. And even though my mother is not here to watch anymore, I want to make her proud everyday. 

So welcome everybody, to Nuno Cruz street, where there is never a wrong turn!